beebotsMegan Rogers teaches K-1 students at the Omaha Virtual School. One of our "specials" is coding. The Bee-Bots are great for beginning coders and programmers. Students will create algorithms to do a variety of learning tasks, such as "writing numbers or letters", sight word maps, shapes, colors, or map skills. The possibilities are endless!

The Hive is a set of 6 Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots with the Bee-Bot Backpack to store them in and the Docking Station to recharge them. The Bot Hive is an economical way to bring the excitement and learning of Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to an entire class. Locate a Hive in your classroom and see the students start buzzing! 

There are Bee-Bot mats that are available for purchase, however this year my students created their own mats. Some ideas of those created were race tracks, neighborhood map, and animal habitats. The Bee-Bots allow for students collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking which are all important life skills for our students to develop.

Megan has also been using Osmo Number, Words, and Coding with her students and would like to add the Osmo Pizza Co application. The Osmo apps are engaging for students and really help encourage learning. They have so much fun and the apps allow for differentiation as students work. Students will learn addition, subtraction, and fraction skills through real world math. Students will have the opportunity to run their own pizza shop and learn profit and investment, and learn to grow their own business.

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