wilsonfocusStudents in Ms. Muller's Science class are getting ready to study sharks. Students will work in small groups to research dogfish sharks to acquire background information, conduct a teacher-lead dissection, record observations in diagrams, discover the relationship between shark anatomy and their habitat, and communicate what they learned to their classmates. 

These budding scientists will combine scientific processes and knowledge with scientific reasoning and critical thinking to ask questions about a phenomena and propose explanations based on gathered evidence. Students will go through the inquiry process to learn how different structures in the dogfish shark relate to other animals and how their anatomical systems work together to preform different functions to live and survive.

This is pretty exciting science at the 5th grade level but they could use your help. Ms.  Muller is asking for a donation to cover the costs of purchasing the specimens through Nebraska Scientific. Total request: $600.00. Will you help our future scientists achieve their goal?




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